09-carton-1-580Why do milk and juice cartons have to have a plastic cap?  The original design of the carton is simple and, dare we say it, elegant.  It is made of one material.  The pouring spout is built into the fold.  Easier to (possibly) recycle.  Super simple.  But, someone decided that a plastic cap would be better.  Sure it helps to avert spills.  But it is no easier to pour.  It seems that this is a design redundancy.  And the worst is that it is an added material.  A PLASTIC material.  How often do those plastic caps get recycled?  My guess would be – rarely.  So there they sit.  In landfills.  Forever.  Just so we can pour our milk.  Even though we could do that before.

The carton should go back to its original design.  Drink companies, get smart and get rid of the plastic cap.