Hernan Bas at Lehmann Maupin

09-hernan-bas_colored-plastic-complexI stopped by the opening last night of a Hernan Bas exhibition at the Lehmann Maupin Gallery on Chrystie Street.  Prior to going I was not familiar with Hernan’s work but I was given a tip by art consultant (and friend) Brian Appel to go check it out so I did.  I must say that I was very impressed with Bas’s work.  His rough-hewn abstracted landscapes are intense and beautiful.  The scenes acheive  the dualistic qualities of both flatness and depth.  Of features both abstracted yet full of detail.  The only question mark for me are the figures inhabiting the paintings.  They seem to be done in an illustrator’s hand and not quite part of the painting.  But, of course, that may be the point.  Regardless of my ignorance or misinterpretations, I very much enjoyed the show and am a new fan of Hernan Bas.