Saturday@Phillips, New York 25 April 2009

09-murakami-mamu-came-from-the-sky-2007-500I went to the Saturday(at)Phillips auction today at Phillips 15th Street New York location.  I am not sure how the final total numbers have worked out but from the portion I saw… the scene was not very pretty.  Well, actually.. it was erratic.  Many lots passed.  But then there would be bidding wars for others pieces.  But mostly the auctioneer was earning her pay by working to get the lots to hit their low estimates. 

The Takashi Murakami pieces in the auction felt like one of the strong points for the audience, as many left after those lots were finished.  And even a couple Murakami’s passed.  The ‘Mamu Came From The Sky, 2007′ (shown) was one of my favorites in the sale.

It seems as though the art world is taking a beating at the moment.  At the very least we can be reassured that what goes down must (eventually) go up….