A Razor A Shiny Knife: California Dining

100802-demian-razor-trad-modern-menu-LA-1-cutFor the last two weekends New York’s cerebral supper club A Razor A Shiny Knife traveled to California to put on three events in Los Angeles and San Francisco with LA’s Room Forty and New York’s The Noble Rot.  The title of this short cooking tour was ‘Two Perspective: Modern Meets Traditional’.  The concept being that Razor would give a modern rendering to traditional dishes which would be paired with both estate type wines done using traditional methods and ‘garage’ wines produced with modern techniques.  

I had the pleasure of not only helping to stir a few pots in menu development but also designing the menus for the events.  It was a fast job finished just as the Razor team’s wheels were down at LAX but we would have it no other way.  Tight timing always helps to catalyze the creative process.  I used the Bauhaus-ian layout and Bauhaus font in conjunction with a script font as a play of traditional/modern (Bauhaus as one of the foundational traditions of modernism) within a relationship of modern/traditional (Bauhaus modernism to vaguely Renaissance script representing traditional practice in food and wine preparation).


Maybe I was overthinking it?  But fun to do nevertheless!