Shepherds on Twitter: 2010 Christmas Card Design

101220-demian-christmas-shepherds-twitterMerry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

I am a huge fan of Twitter.  Not only is it a great way to connect with a vast array of interesting people but it also serves as a powerful source of inspiration for me.  It’s limiting structure of 140 characters per tweet and unique informational symbology have combined to create a kind of short-hand language.  A language now familiar to many people but still a language all it’s own.  So it was this Twitter vocabulary, as well as the sensibility that develops from becoming accustomed to continually broadcasting yourself, that was the inspiration for my Christmas card design this year.  Of course I also enjoy thinking about the juxtaposition of old and new, well-known scenarios examined from new perspectives.  The classic Christmas account written in Luke 2 of the visitation of the Angel of the Lord on the shepherds keeping watch over their flocks seemed perfect for a Twitter ‘interpretation’.  Hope you enjoy it.