2010 Super Bowl XLIV Commercials; A Brief (Or Just Briefs) Critique

After watching the 2010 Super Bowl XLIV I have a few initial thoughts on the ads.  In no particular order.
The subliminal winner, in true ’speak-of-the-devil’ fashion I think, was Louis Vuitton.  In a Hyundai ad about making ‘luxury’ avbailable to everyone, a close facsimile to the Louis Vuitton pattern was seen on a basketball.  High-end brought down to [...]

Coke’s ‘Keep It Going’ Ad Makes The Abstract A Little Too Real

Coke has been airing a commercial recently as part of its new ‘Keep It Going’ ad campaign.  The idea behind the ad is that when you are finished drinking a fine coke product and place the empty container into a recycle bin that someone else will then get to enjoy another fine coke product based on [...]