2010 Super Bowl XLIV Commercials; A Brief (Or Just Briefs) Critique

After watching the 2010 Super Bowl XLIV I have a few initial thoughts on the ads.  In no particular order.
The subliminal winner, in true ’speak-of-the-devil’ fashion I think, was Louis Vuitton.  In a Hyundai ad about making ‘luxury’ avbailable to everyone, a close facsimile to the Louis Vuitton pattern was seen on a basketball.  High-end brought down to [...]

Apple’s Branding Gets ‘i’Awkward

Apple, under the guidance of Steve Jobs, is one of the smartest brands out there.  Laser focused on the user experience, the incorporationof design and maintaining its message and identity over the entire scope of the brand.  Which is why the announcement of their latest product seems so surprising. 
I have always been a proponent of [...]