Recipe Sketchbook: Tomatoes, Duck Confit

Dinner and lunch guests scheduled for the weekend.  The dinner fell through because of illness.  Not a big deal.  Just had to use the ingredients on hand while they were fresh.
Summer Spheres: Salad of Baby Heirloom Tomatoes and Mozzarella
Peel baby heirloom tomatoes and marinate in olive oil, salt and red wine vinegar.  Dress baby arugula [...]

Recipe Sketchbook: Corn, Leek, Tomatoes, Arugula

Summer Corn & Leek Soup with caramelized corn, basil, olive oil, chili oil
Corn sauteed with leeks, garlic, green onions, white onion.  Simmered in cream and chicken stock with corn cobbs, leek greens, bay leaf, thyme sprigs, salt and white and black pepper.  Strained.  Served with caramelized sauteed corn, basil chiffonade, olive oil and chili oil.