OpenIDEO Jamie Oliver Challenge Winning Concepts Announced!

As you can see from this page of my website, I have contributed some creative juice to a couple of the challenges posted on OpenIDEO.  One such challenge has been chef Jamie Oliver’s ‘How can we raise kid’s awareness of the benefits of fresh food so they can make better choices?’ As a cook, a [...]

Fancy Food Show 2010: ‘Design Thinking’ or ‘Stomach Thinking’?

I took the opportunity recently to speed through the Fancy Food Show, the great confluence (purportedly) of all things gourmet and culinarily high-brow held every summer at New York’s Javits Center.  At first blush the floor of the show looks like a mash-up of Disney’s Epcot Center, Whole Foods, The Euro-Zone Dairy Farmers Union, an [...]