Restaurant Review – Di Fara Pizza

I finally made it to Di Fara Pizza on Friday.  After hearing about it for so many years.  I finally felt pious enough to make the pilgrimage.  Actually, the boss was taking the day off so instead of her hanging around the apartment all day playing games with the mini boss and keeping me from getting [...]

Restaurant Review: Sal & Carmine’s Pizza

I moved into the neighborhood early last year.  It was then not long before I found Sal & Carmine’s pizza.  Tucked away in a nondescript storefront on the West side of Broadway between 101st and 102nd Streets, and no more than ten feet wide, it is easy to miss.  And miss it I did.  Until our [...]

Co. Pizza: Tradition in Modernist Clothing

I got the chance to finally eat at Co. Pizza last night.  Jim Lahey of Sullivan Street Bakery fame had opened Co. relatively recently but I had not yet been.  But an old college friend was in town.  Out-of-towners tend to eat earlier than we do.   Restaurants with no reservations tend to have shorter waits for tables the earlier [...]

Motorino: Spoiled For Choice

The pizza quest continues!  Aunt and uncle were in town so we took the opportunity to drag them to Williamsburg (and who doesn’t love to take their relatives to Brooklyn?) to try out Motorino.  After Frank Bruni’s extensive pizza article in the New York Times, I have felt compelled to try them all.  So Motorino [...]

Otto And Grilled Pizza: A Worthy Concept? Or just Odd?

I went to Otto tonight for dinner with an old college friend, Craig Welsh of Go Welsh design.  Craig was in town to judge the 365 AIGA Annual Design Competition.  We had a great time catching up and talking about design and trying to run a business to varying degrees of success.  But here’s the troubling thing - [...]