Restaurant (Week) Review: Dovetail

Another chapter of New York Restaurant Week has begun.  And with that another case of the butterflies for me.  I see Restaurant Week as a dual-edged sword of incentives.  The cheaper price fix is an incentive for more diners to eat out.  As well as an incentive to try restaurants they might not normally go [...]

Restaurant (Week) Review: Smith & Wollensky

As I have mentioned before, I think that Restaurant Weekdinners can go one of two ways.  One angle is that the restaurant treats it like a simple PR event, cobbling together a cheap menu so that they can have their name included on the Restaurant Week list and in all of the press coverage for as [...]

Restaurant (Week) Review: I Trulli

Restaurant Week here in New York always brings with it a dilemma.  The dilemma is this:  Should the reduced price meals served during the Restaurant Week promotion be considered a fair representation of a restaurant’s offerings upon which to draw conclusions about it?  Or could the pricing restrictions be seen as too confining in terms of ingredients and [...]