Restaurant Review: Braeburn – A Casual Brunch

We recently met some friends at Braeburn for an enjoyable birthday brunch.  It was a sunny day, there was a table big enough for all of us, we weren’t being hurried, the conversation was good.  A very nice time.  I wish I could say that I loved the food.
The vibe I get from reading through Braeburn’s [...]

Five Napkin Burger, UWS: A Five Napkin Concept

I just ate lunch at the newest location of ‘Five Napkin Burger’ on the Upper West Side.  I had the mini boss along so I was a little worried that I could actually pull it off without him becoming belligerent and causing a scene.  Causing a scene?!  What was I worried about?  I mean, really, what constitutes a [...]

New York’s 2010 Michelin Guide Release is No Surprise…

…In that it continues to confound.  Year after year.
And only one restaurant by an Iron Chef!!!  How can this be???  (joke)
The Michelin Guide to 2010 Starred Restaurants was released today.  Who knew that a tire company could know so much about restaurants?  Or do they?  The list raises lots of questions as to its accuracy and thoroughness:
No [...]