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Ippudo – Profundity in a Bowl

09-ippudo-nyc-1We recently had the pleasure of waiting an hour (a light night!) for a table for dinner with two friends at Ippudo, the first US outpost of the Japanese ramen house.  From a design standpoint the restaurant is nice enough.  A slightly cheesy fabric ‘tree’ and open ‘fireplace’ of candles dominates the main dining room but both are made up for by a large bar, behind which the very real work of making ramen takes place.  The front bar is entirely too small for the amount of waiting that is typical for a night here and the combination of dark mirrors and circuitous circulation causes many people to turn and be startled by themselves.  After a few beers waiting for a table this can turn into an existential problem for some.  But for digs in the East Village this is all par for the course (even the angst) and Ippudo stands out on Fourth Avenue as one of the nicer restaurants in the neighborhood. 

But back to the ramen.  And what ramen!  The Akamaru Modern ramen is the best ramen I have had outside of Japan.  Maybe even in Japan.  The roast pork is wonderful and still tastes ‘porky’ even submerged in broth.  The broth is cloudy (is that miso?), rich and complex.  Everything was great and Ippudo will definitely be a regular spot for me.  Although I do feel kinda bad for all the other ramen shops in New York.  Ippudo swoops in and takes the ramen crown, making sublime ramen look easy.
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