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Urban(e) Silk Scarves by Lovegrove + Repucci

09-lovegrove-repucci-urbane-silk-scarf-1Lovegrove + Repucci have recently added a new product to our collection. 

The new ‘Urban(e)’ Silk Scarf

Inspired by and developed from the graffiti of New York, the bold colors of the city street are rendered in fine silk.

Lovegrove + Repucci’s ‘Urban(e)’ Silk Scarf uses the imagery and patterns of street graffiti.  What could normally be seen as banal, common visual ‘clutter’, or even vandalism, is transformed when reworked in this luxurious fabric.  A static piece of graffiti takes on new dimensions of pattern and composition when the silk is folded and wrapped causing the relationships of color to change and the pattern to shift.

The city street is redefined for fashion!  Visit the Lovegrove + Repucci website to buy yours today.