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Danziger Projects – ‘Greatness; Andy Warhol Polaroids of Sports Champions’

09-danziger-warhol-muhammad-ali-1977-aI know I am late to this party but Danziger Projects is currently showing an exhibit of Andy Warhol Polaroids titled, ‘Greatness; Andy Warhol Polaroids of Sports Champions’.  Currently hanging in Danziger’s 534 West 24th Street gallery, the exhibit features sports stars such as Muhammad Ali, O.J. Simpson, Pele and John McEnroe.  Most of the champions holding some piece of equipment from their various areas of sports expertise.  With the noted exception of McEnroe who shares the photo space with Tatum O’Neal.  I wonder what Andy, or John, was saying with that choice.  Was John’s expertise winning the stunning actress?  Or… was O’neal really the sports champion? 

Whatever the reason for that particular staging, the show is a great collection of sports stars at the peak of their careers.  Up for one more week, the Danziger Projects exhibit is a smart look back into Andy’s world.  When ideas of art, stardom, achievement, sports, entertainment and greatness all started to blur together.  Like a Polariod photo developing in reverse.