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Picasso – Schoolyard Sissy

100122-picasso-the-actor-aIf you are a guy you were most probably once a boy.  And if you remember anything about being a boy you probably remember having to defend yourself from other boys (unless you were the one on the attack).  On the playground your friends (and even those you did not consider friends) would try out their newly learned wrestling moves or karate chops on you without warning.  And pretty much non-stop. 

Your response to these attacks would fall into one of three categories.  You either (1) tried to deflect the attack with some sort of ‘Shaolin Monk’-like ninja move, (2) retaliated by showering your own fists of fury down upon your opponent, or (3) were caught by surprise, got the wind knocked out of you and were ridiculed by your friends and on-lookers as you tried to catch your breath. 

Well, you may, as you insist, be a fourth-level ninja defender.  But your friend Picasso over there?  That boy keeps gettin’ whupped like a playground sissy.  He may be a lover.  But he ain’t no fighter.  A flying elbow and he falls to pieces.  A bitch-slap is enough to send him into a blue period.  The poor guy.

Do the world a favor – if you find yourself looking at a Picasso… please… take two steps back.  And watch where you are walking.