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Introducing the ‘Consumption’ Porcelain Collection

72dpi-repucci-consumption-plates-combo-2-85I am happy to introduce some new design work…

The ‘Consumption’ Porcelain Dinnerware Collection

We are conditioned by our culture to take for granted what we consume.  In a consumerist society it is considered healthy.  We are just ‘doing our part’ and ‘contributing to society’ by consuming.  The new ‘Consumption’ collection, however, sheds a different light on our habits.  The ‘Consumption’ dinner plates put the statistics of our national appetite, and how it relates to other nations, right at a major point of consumption – the dinner table.

The ‘Consumption’ dinnerware collection was selected to be a part of ‘Uncomfortable Conversations’, an exhibit going on this weekend 15 – 18 May, in conjunction with NY Design Week and the International Contemporary Furniture Fair.  Curated by Liz Kinnmark and Kegan Fisher of Design Glut, the exhibit, held in the design-saturated Meatpacking District, concentrates on design work that is meant to cause uncomfortable conversations.  For more information about the exhibit go to their website.  Also, Fast Company Magazine has coverage of the exhibition on their blog here.  And please feel free to stop by and see the design work in person.

The new ‘Consumption’ Porcelain Dinnerware collection will be produced in a limited edition.  For more detailed information about each of the four plates and how to order a set please click the ‘Consumption’ tab at the top of the page.

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