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Business Start Up Concept in a Shipping Container

11-meatball-dekalb-2-85This is a design that was submitted to the Not Just a Container contest for the new Dekalb Market in downtown Brooklyn.  Called ‘Meatspace’, it is a restaurant concept I designed around modern meatball sub sandwiches.  I adapted the concept to fit the shipping container requirements of the Dekalb Market contest.  It would contain a super-focused food prep and sale counter in the container.  It would also feature a rooftop herb garden to take advantage of the overhead sunlit square footage as well as help keep the container cool.  Kind of cheap, cheerful and fun right?   Unfortunately… this design was not selected as one of the five finalists which can be seen on the Dekalb Market Facebook page.  A bummer, but not to worry!  The Meatspace concept will live on to fight another day.  What do you think about the five finalists?


Really, though, this business concept will work in other, more permanent, spaces as well.  I have designed the logo and graphic language for the concept.  I have also designed the menu and developed all the recipes.  This could be a very fun Summer start-up project.  I am currently looking for space and investing partners.  Please contact me if you would like more details.