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Gaijinner!: The Perennial Plate Cooks Japanese

I have been working on a project with the amazing Daniel and Mirra of the Perennial Plate.  They are currently neck deep in filming a new season for their online sustainable food video series.  This time they are taking their show global for: Perennial Plate Season Three: ‘Real Food World Tour’.  The first leg of […]

Apartment Therapy Comes Calling

Our friends at Apartment Therapy New York were so kind as to post our apartmentrenovation in their ‘House Call’ section today.  The renovations took a little time and taught us lessons in patience and perseverance but were definitely worth it.  The process turned our basic 1960’s apartment into a modern home we love.  The kitchen is […]

Lovegrove + Repucci WRD bottle on Target

We are thrilled to be included in this month’s ‘Generation Green’ selection at Target’s Red Hot Shop online.  Our new ‘WRD’ (Water Ready to Drink) Bottle was considered to have sufficient ‘Target-ness’ and at the same time ‘Green-ness’ to be picked for the April collection.  A continuation on the ‘War On Plastic’ theme of our […]

The Tick!

I was at a screening party for 12foot6 tonight hosted by Louisa St. Pierre of Bernstein & Andriulli.  The 12foot6 animation was great.  Very funny stuff.  While there I also had the pleasure of meeting Ben Edlund, creator of  The Tick.  What a treat.  I read the original Tick comic books as a kid in […]

Picasso at Gagosian; Running From Death

Gagosian Gallery just opened a large show of Pablo Picasso paintings and etchings at their 21st Street location in Chelsea.  I had the oportunity to run through the opening reception last night and I must say that I was impressed with what I saw.  Not specifically with the work itself.  I would argue that the […]

Lovegrove + Repucci’s ‘New York’ Delft at DIFFA 2009

We were very happy to be included in this year’s DIFFA New York 2009 ‘Dining By Design’ dinner event.  Interior designer Michael Tavano contacted us recently because he wanted to incorporate our ‘New York’ Delft porcelain dinnerware and our ‘Street’ napkins into his table design for the DIFFA benefit dinner.  Tavano’s table environment design has a […]

Brian Appel: Art Consulting, Art Criticism

Brian Appel is an art consultant and art writer in New York City.  Brian is also a friend.  Brian is extremely passionate about art in all its forms and his passion is infectious to those he engages with.  He is personally responsible for educating me in the history of contemporary fine art photography as well as guiding me […]

Urban(e) Silk Scarves by Lovegrove + Repucci

Lovegrove + Repucci have recently added a new product to our collection.  The new ‘Urban(e)’ Silk Scarf Inspired by and developed from the graffiti of New York, the bold colors of the city street are rendered in fine silk. Lovegrove + Repucci’s ‘Urban(e)’ Silk Scarf uses the imagery and patterns of street graffiti.  What could normally be […]

New York MTA: Damaging Potential

Today the MTA board voted in favor of increasing the subway fare from $2 to $2.50.  And at the same time cutting back on service.  The fare increases are detailed in this New York Times article.  This is a very unfortunate development to say the least.  And extremely short-sighted.  The New York subway system moves […]

Flower Power

The game ‘Flower’ is beautiful.  Designed by Jenova Chen of That Game Company, the game is a mesmerizing breezy cavort through rolling fields of grasses and flowers.  Yet another game that I have never played or seen being played.  But I was immediately smitten when I saw the game trailer.  I love the idea of […]