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Esquire Magazine Cover Design

Esquire Magazine has a tradition of featuring inventive cover design (where did George Lois find a soup can big enough to hold Warhol?) In 2011, invited by an editor at Esquire to submit a cover proposal or two, I jumped at the chance and came up with a few ideas. I started with the question […]

Occupy Sandy Shirt Design

I am very inspired and appreciative of the work that the Occupy Sandy movement is doing in bringing relief to the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  I love the ‘if you have an idea just do it’ ethos.  It’s certainly messy.  But it is happening.  And it is making a difference.  In that spirit I designed […]

Warhol With an iPhone?

The Rolling Stones ‘Sticky Fingers’ album cover by Andy Warhol is a genius piece of art.  Straight forward yet clever, engaging, provocative, tactile… never mind that the zipper can scratch the heck out of the vinyl.  I was messing around with some photography of my own recently and it struck me that a phone in […]

Teaching Creativity in Schools – ‘Subject Mash Up!’ Platform Concept

A couple months ago I worked with a team of strategists and creatives from firms such as Code and Theory and Cake New York to design a solution to the No Right Brain Left Behind challenge.  The challenge brief asked the creative profession to design concepts that will address the creativity crisis in US Schools […]

Business Start Up Concept in a Shipping Container

This is a design that was submitted to the Not Just a Container contest for the new Dekalb Market in downtown Brooklyn.  Called ‘Meatspace’, it is a restaurant concept I designed around modern meatball sub sandwiches.  I adapted the concept to fit the shipping container requirements of the Dekalb Market contest.  It would contain a […]

OpenIDEO Jamie Oliver Challenge Winning Concepts Announced!

As you can see from this page of my website, I have contributed some creative juice to a couple of the challenges posted on OpenIDEO.  One such challenge has been chef Jamie Oliver‘s ‘How can we raise kid’s awareness of the benefits of fresh food so they can make better choices?’ As a cook, a […]

‘Competition’ vs. ‘Collaboration’: My Conversation Hosted by the Glass House

Earlier this year I was included in the National Trust for Historic Preservation‘s ‘Modern Views‘ exhibition to benefit the restoration of Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth House and Philip Johnson’s Glass House.  My submission can be seen here(pg. 26).  This week the organizers of an affiliated project called Glass House Conversations asked me to host […]

In Line at Starbucks: Brand Interaction Dunkin’ Donuts Can Learn From

If you are a westerner with a pulse you have most probably been in a Starbucks.  With its over 11,000 stores in the US alone, Starbucks has grown to become the assumed go-to location when someone says, “let’s get a coffee”.  In fact, they might even say ‘I want a Starbucks”.  Very few brands can […]

Restaurant Naming: Jonathan Benno’s Hype Meets Reality

On May 25th the New York Times reported that chef Jonathan Benno’s new restaurant being built at Lincoln Center for the Patina Restaurant Group did not yet have a name. The next morning I sent a letter to Nick Valenti, head of Patina with a suggestion for a name I thought would be fitting for the […]

Hello? Chiquita Banana Sticker Contest

I know it’s kinda silly but I couldn’t resist submitting an entry for the Chiquita Banana Sticker Contest.  Judging by the entries that are already posted I am not even sure if this is a real contest.  But the only issue for me is that the submission requirements are slightly limiting.  The Chiquita website allows […]