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Recipe Sketchbook: The Dreaded Haggis!

Here is the situation…  The boss went to school in Scotland.  Therefore she, being then still impressionable and un-worldly, developed a fondness for Scottish food (bless her heart).  Now… the Scots have never been especially known for their culinary prowess.  When the Scots and the Gauls parted evolutionary ways one group took their swords and […]

In The Recipe Lab: Pizza Dough Challenge! ’00’ vs. ‘All Purpose’

There is so much ink spilled about correct pizza technique and so much on-going conversation about it from every angle that it can be difficult to keep all the opinions straight.  Let alone figure out the best method for producing superior pizza at home.  Should you knead or not knead?  How long should you let […]

In The Recipe Lab: Alton Brown’s ‘Hurry Curry Cauliflower’ Pickle

I have been on a pickle making jag lately.  French breakfast radishes.  Moroccan red carrots.  Anything that catches my eye at the farmer’s market that might look good in a jar.  So armed with a similarly procured head of cauliflower I recently tried out Alton Brown’s ‘Hurry Curry Cauliflower’ recipe.  Check it out here.  This pickle recipe had […]

On Second Thought… Next Iron Chef Rethink

So last night’s Next Iron Chef was a bit of an eye opener.  I think chef Jehangir Mehta’s riff on American ‘take out’ was an interesting initial idea.  But I am not sure that taking some food and putting it in a foam container is sufficient to ‘American-ize’ it.  The Korean taco truck Alton took […]