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Warhol With an iPhone?

The Rolling Stones ‘Sticky Fingers’ album cover by Andy Warhol is a genius piece of art.  Straight forward yet clever, engaging, provocative, tactile… never mind that the zipper can scratch the heck out of the vinyl.  I was messing around with some photography of my own recently and it struck me that a phone in […]

Apple iPad 2 Distribution Design – Ridiculous Line Hurts Brand Identity

That day was the fourth day that I arrived at the Apple Store at 6AM to stand in line to buy an iPad (Thurs 21st, Fri 22nd, Sat 23rd & Mon 25th). On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, after waiting for between 20 minutes – 1 hour, we were told there were no iPads that day. […]

Apple’s Branding Gets ‘i’Awkward

Apple, under the guidance of Steve Jobs, is one of the smartest brands out there.  Laser focused on the user experience, the incorporationof design and maintaining its message and identity over the entire scope of the brand.  Which is why the announcement of their latest product seems so surprising.  I have always been a proponent […]

Windows 7 – Microsoft Looses All Traces of Mojo

With the launch of the much anticipated Windows 7 (‘much aniticpated’ as one might anticipate an audit) Microsoft has come up with the idea of users hosting Windows 7 ‘parties’.  Such a sexy cool viral idea!  … right.  To get people really excited about this they have released a series of Youtube videos with tips on […]