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Recipe Lab: Thomas Keller’s French Laundry ‘Prime Beef Short Ribs’

Working through Thomas Keller’s recipes in his French Laundry cook book can be hard work.  Not to mention time consuming.  And I haven’t even gotten to the tough ones yet.  But I know that through it all my cooking only improves.  To follow the directions and then at the very end, after the dish is […]

Recipe Sketchbook: Cassoulet

Obsessing about it for weeks now, I was determined to come up with the best dang recipe for cassoulet.  And then… make it.  In my search I came across a straight-forward cassoulet recipe that had been posted by The Amateur Gourmet which looked very good.  In it he follows a Daniel Boulud cookbook recipe (minus some rendered fat).  From his description and […]

In The Recipe Lab: Thomas Keller’s Duck Confit

All of my cassoulet meditation recently provoked me to the point of tracking down pigs feet and making Fergus Henderson’s Trotter Gear.  Then, with a fridge full of the porcine pedal goo, I figured the only logical thing to do would be to put some of it to use and make the cassoulet that had […]