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Fluorescent & Festive: 2011 Holiday Card Design

Channeling Dan Flavin for this Holiday card I designed for the 2011 Holiday season. Rigorous, spartan, cool, modernist… everything one could desire for Christmas cheer;)  Not sure why it took me so long to post…

Celebrate the Christ Child’s Birth; 2012 Card Design

With a little kid running the show around here we tend to play with a lot of Legos. Thus, though it is the eleventh hour, it is in this way that inspiration has struck. Here, then, is my 2012 Christmas card design: Have a Blessed Holiday and be sure to take a few moments to […]

Snowflake Algorithm

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! In my constant search for inspiration I came across a paper titled ‘Modeling Snow Crystal Growth: A Three-Dimensional Mesoscopic Approach’.  Written by Janko Gravner and David Griffeath, the paper describes the authors attempt to construct an algorithm that mimics the crystalization of water into snow flakes.  Even though understanding the […]