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Jimmy’s No. 43 ‘Duck-Off’ – Winner!

Jimmy’s No. 43 Restaurant in New York’s East Village recently held a friendly competition to benefit Food Systems Network NYC.  The competition, winkingly titled a ‘Duck-Off’ asked participants to serve a duck dish of their choosing to 150 people.  The judging panel, made up of Serena Di LIberto of Heritage Foods USA, Amy Zavatto of […]

Recipe Sketchbook: The Dreaded Haggis!

Here is the situation…  The boss went to school in Scotland.  Therefore she, being then still impressionable and un-worldly, developed a fondness for Scottish food (bless her heart).  Now… the Scots have never been especially known for their culinary prowess.  When the Scots and the Gauls parted evolutionary ways one group took their swords and […]

Sun-Maid… Or Is That ‘Pixel-Maid’?

I have been seeing the new Sun-Maid raisin commercials lately on the Food Network.  Is it just me or does this current computer animated ‘spokesperson’ creep you out too?  Now, I understand that the Sun-Maid ‘grape maid’ has been a fictional character from its beginning in 1916.    What I am puzzled about is the decision making process that came […]

Foie Gras Ban? The World’s Ducks Are Scared!

I just read the article, ‘Last Gasp For American Foie Gras?’ on Salon.  It seems as though the Humane Society of the United States has been going after New York’s Hudson Valley Foie Gras with lawsuits in an effort to bury the farm under fines and legal bills.  The Humane Society may insist that they are […]

In The Recipe Lab: Alton Brown’s ‘Hurry Curry Cauliflower’ Pickle

I have been on a pickle making jag lately.  French breakfast radishes.  Moroccan red carrots.  Anything that catches my eye at the farmer’s market that might look good in a jar.  So armed with a similarly procured head of cauliflower I recently tried out Alton Brown’s ‘Hurry Curry Cauliflower’ recipe.  Check it out here.  This pickle recipe had […]

The Next Iron Chef 2009 – I Predict A Winner

The Food Network is currently airing The Next Iron Chef competition.  A competition to determine the next chef that will join the ‘pantheon’ of Iron Chefs that rule over the battles of Iron Chef America.  Mario Batali, Masaharu Morimoto, Bobby Flay, Cat Cora and Michael Symon make for a strange mix.  So The Next Iron […]

Wine And Food Festival Luvs Ground Meat

Now that the dust, er… grease, from the New York Wine & Food Festival has settled, it has given me a moment to think about the food shenanigans that went on.  Was the festival as good as it could be?  I can’t help but wonder if it could have been a little better thought out.  […]

Gourmet’s Goose Is Cooked!

…Or Turkey as is the case here…  More apropos for this situation as there is news today that Conde Nast will be ending publication of Gourmet Magazine with the November issue.  Hence the turkey (you know… Thanksgiving… turkey…never mind).  This is very sad to hear as Gourmet has been my go-to magazine to oggle lusty […]

A Razor, A Shiny Knife dinner and ‘New York’ Delft

Super-creative-ambitious culinary salon/event collective (phew!) A Razor, A Shiny Knife is throwing a pull-out-all-stops dinner event in conjunction with the upcoming New York City Wine and Food Festival.  The dinner takes place on Saturday October 10.  You can find details here.  The theme for the evening is ‘Locally Sourced’, where every aspect of the event -except the […]