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New York Times Weekend Magazine – Design Spring 2010

It was a pleasant surprise to open up the ‘Design Spring 2010’ issue of the New York Times Weekend Magazine and find our ‘New York Delft’ plates pictured with other ‘blue and white’ designs.  Follow the link and then click ‘view print magazine’ at the bottom and go to page 50.  Many thanks to our […]

(W)hole In The (gallery) Wall

I finally got to see the ‘Whole In The Wall’ show in New York put on by the Hellenbeck Gallery.  The New York Times wrote a recent article about the show which first caught my attention.  The show is subtitled ‘Old and New Masters: Largest American and European Street Art Exhibition in New York’.  Interesting claim.  The […]

Urban(e) Silk Scarves by Lovegrove + Repucci

Lovegrove + Repucci have recently added a new product to our collection.  The new ‘Urban(e)’ Silk Scarf Inspired by and developed from the graffiti of New York, the bold colors of the city street are rendered in fine silk. Lovegrove + Repucci’s ‘Urban(e)’ Silk Scarf uses the imagery and patterns of street graffiti.  What could normally be […]