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New York Times Weekend Magazine – Design Spring 2010

It was a pleasant surprise to open up the ‘Design Spring 2010’ issue of the New York Times Weekend Magazine and find our ‘New York Delft’ plates pictured with other ‘blue and white’ designs.  Follow the link and then click ‘view print magazine’ at the bottom and go to page 50.  Many thanks to our […]

A Razor, A Shiny Knife dinner and ‘New York’ Delft

Super-creative-ambitious culinary salon/event collective (phew!) A Razor, A Shiny Knife is throwing a pull-out-all-stops dinner event in conjunction with the upcoming New York City Wine and Food Festival.  The dinner takes place on Saturday October 10.  You can find details here.  The theme for the evening is ‘Locally Sourced’, where every aspect of the event -except the […]

Lovegrove + Repucci’s ‘New York’ Delft at DIFFA 2009

We were very happy to be included in this year’s DIFFA New York 2009 ‘Dining By Design’ dinner event.  Interior designer Michael Tavano contacted us recently because he wanted to incorporate our ‘New York’ Delft porcelain dinnerware and our ‘Street’ napkins into his table design for the DIFFA benefit dinner.  Tavano’s table environment design has a […]

Domino Winks at ‘New York’ Delft

Recently publishing it’s last issue, Domino magazine, fullfilling the vague prophecy hinted at in it’s name, has fallen.  (or is that just a terrible reference?  I apologize)  Domino, we are sorry to see you go.  We really enjoyed the magazine and it’s fresh point of view on design and lifestyle.  The odd thing for us about the […]

‘Clay’s Big Day’; Washington Post

We were thrilled to be mentioned in a recent article in the Washington Post.  Called ‘Clay’s Big Day’, writer Blake Gopnik reviewed the exhibit ‘Dirt on Delight: Impulses That Form Clay’ at the University of Pennsylvania’s Institute of Contemporary Art.  A very interesting review.  While not in the exhibit, Gopnik sighted our ‘New York’ Delft […]