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Private Member’s Club Concept Design

I have been working with a private member’s club to design the concept for the next chapter in their growth. Without giving away too many details too soon, the new club will house not only member’s lounge, meeting and private event spaces, but also a large culinary component as well. We are in the process […]

Business Start Up Concept in a Shipping Container

This is a design that was submitted to the Not Just a Container contest for the new Dekalb Market in downtown Brooklyn.  Called ‘Meatspace’, it is a restaurant concept I designed around modern meatball sub sandwiches.  I adapted the concept to fit the shipping container requirements of the Dekalb Market contest.  It would contain a […]

Apple iPad 2 Distribution Design – Ridiculous Line Hurts Brand Identity

That day was the fourth day that I arrived at the Apple Store at 6AM to stand in line to buy an iPad (Thurs 21st, Fri 22nd, Sat 23rd & Mon 25th). On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, after waiting for between 20 minutes – 1 hour, we were told there were no iPads that day. […]

Jimmy’s No. 43 ‘Duck-Off’ – Winner!

Jimmy’s No. 43 Restaurant in New York’s East Village recently held a friendly competition to benefit Food Systems Network NYC.  The competition, winkingly titled a ‘Duck-Off’ asked participants to serve a duck dish of their choosing to 150 people.  The judging panel, made up of Serena Di LIberto of Heritage Foods USA, Amy Zavatto of […]

Restaurant (Week) Review: Dovetail

Another chapter of New York Restaurant Week has begun.  And with that another case of the butterflies for me.  I see Restaurant Week as a dual-edged sword of incentives.  The cheaper price fix is an incentive for more diners to eat out.  As well as an incentive to try restaurants they might not normally go […]

New York Public Library Menu Archive: New Aquisition

I was surprised to find out today that a menu I designed has been accepted into the New York Public Library’s Menu Collection archive.  I was also surprised to find out that the New York Public Library has a Menu Collection in the first place.  In retrospect it does seem obvious that the NYPL would.  But […]

Restaurant Review – Di Fara Pizza

I finally made it to Di Fara Pizza on Friday.  After hearing about it for so many years.  I finally felt pious enough to make the pilgrimage.  Actually, the boss was taking the day off so instead of her hanging around the apartment all day playing games with the mini boss and keeping me from getting […]

The Armory Show 2010 – A Safe Bet

The 2010 installment of The Armory Show has come and gone.  Hundreds of galleries from around the world all packed tightly together for a few days on the piers jutting out over the Hudson.  A fitting location as it felt like a sort-of sardine cannery for art.  I walked the entirety of the show on Saturday […]

Restaurant Review: Braeburn – A Casual Brunch

We recently met some friends at Braeburn for an enjoyable birthday brunch.  It was a sunny day, there was a table big enough for all of us, we weren’t being hurried, the conversation was good.  A very nice time.  I wish I could say that I loved the food. The vibe I get from reading through […]

In The Recipe Lab: Pizza Dough Challenge! Round 3

The code has been cracked.  When I started this process a few weeks ago I might not have known quite what I was getting myself into.   Or maybe I was just being dishonest with myself.  Under the guise of testing out two different types of flour for pizza dough, I might have actually been doing […]