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Recipe Sketchbook: Chicken Pot Pie

The inspiration for chicken pot pie came about because I had one extra pie crust that had to be used up.  After all was said and done I actually had to go out and buy more pie crusts.  Such is the typical way these ‘inspirations’ go.  Anyway… Butcher a whole chicken.  Cut up the meat […]

Recipe Sketchbook: The Dreaded Haggis!

Here is the situation…  The boss went to school in Scotland.  Therefore she, being then still impressionable and un-worldly, developed a fondness for Scottish food (bless her heart).  Now… the Scots have never been especially known for their culinary prowess.  When the Scots and the Gauls parted evolutionary ways one group took their swords and […]

Recipe Sketchbook: Cassoulet

Obsessing about it for weeks now, I was determined to come up with the best dang recipe for cassoulet.  And then… make it.  In my search I came across a straight-forward cassoulet recipe that had been posted by The Amateur Gourmet which looked very good.  In it he follows a Daniel Boulud cookbook recipe (minus some rendered fat).  From his description and […]

In The Recipe Lab: Fergus Henderson’s ‘Trotter Gear’

These recent wintery days have had me thinking about great cold-weather meals that I have had.  One such memory is from Christmas 2006 when the boss and I spent the Holiday kicking around Paris.  We had no agenda (an no relatives to visit) other than to wander the city for a couple days with only an eye […]

In The Recipe Lab: Thanksgiving Turkey

The guests have finally left.  The fridge is piled high with left-overs.  But other than the emotional scars… the place is pretty much back to normal.  Another Thanksgiving has come and gone.  It seems no other food is more obsessed about prior to the event and then abruptly forgotten about afterward than turkey.  It is definitely a […]