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Restaurant Review: Blue Hill at Stone Barns

It took some doing but we finally summoned the courage to leave the safety of the city and head north into the wild country.  Specifically our destination was the Pocantico Hills and the storied Blue Hill at Stone Barns restaurant.  From the train station it was easy to get a cab to the farm.  As […]

The River Cafe’s Rose Gray: My Brief Encounter

I was living in London in 2007 and staging at St. John Restaurant.  Tom, one of the cooks there and a kitchen mentor of sorts said that he had friends at River Cafe and could maybe get me a day or two stage there.  I jumped at the chance.  After a phone call and a couple […]

In The Recipe Lab: Thomas Keller’s Duck Confit

All of my cassoulet meditation recently provoked me to the point of tracking down pigs feet and making Fergus Henderson’s Trotter Gear.  Then, with a fridge full of the porcine pedal goo, I figured the only logical thing to do would be to put some of it to use and make the cassoulet that had […]

In The Recipe Lab: Fergus Henderson’s ‘Trotter Gear’

These recent wintery days have had me thinking about great cold-weather meals that I have had.  One such memory is from Christmas 2006 when the boss and I spent the Holiday kicking around Paris.  We had no agenda (an no relatives to visit) other than to wander the city for a couple days with only an eye […]

The Breslin At The Ace Hotel: Launch Night With Fergus Henderson

Tonight was a good night.  I realized earlier today that this weekend was FergusStock.  FergusStock is that special time of year when the owners of The Spotted Pig, Ken Friedman and chef April Bloomfield, host chef Fergus Henderson for a couple days of pork-based feasting.  In past years Fergus Henderson’s trips to New York from […]

DBGB – What’s in a Name?

DBGB Kitchen and Bar is the latest restaurant by celebrated chef Daniel Boulud.  The space was designed by Thomas Schlesser.  I know Thomas from the old days in Chicago. He had designed the fabulous Blackbird Restaurant there.  I then had the opportunity to design Blackbird’s second floor private dining space as well as a redesign of Blackbird’s graphic […]

Roberta’s Pizza – Beauty in The Rough

Last Saturday we were to meet some friends from Queens and some friends from Carrol Gardens for dinner.  So after having read an article in the New York Times that piqued my interest, I decided to pick the hardest location for all of us to reach and suggested we go to Roberta’s Pizza in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  […]