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Recipe Sketchbook: Chestnut Soup

A Thanksgiving guest brought us a bag of chestnuts that ended up not getting eaten that night.  So the next day I was looking at them sitting on the counter and wondering what to do with them. Some relatives came back from traipsing around the city and told me they had bought some roasted chestnuts from a […]

In The Recipe Lab: Thanksgiving Turkey

The guests have finally left.  The fridge is piled high with left-overs.  But other than the emotional scars… the place is pretty much back to normal.  Another Thanksgiving has come and gone.  It seems no other food is more obsessed about prior to the event and then abruptly forgotten about afterward than turkey.  It is definitely a […]

A New York City Thanksgiving

We usually join the highway slogging throngs and travel for Thanksgiving.  But due to our reluctance wanting to spend multiple hours in a car with a month-old poo machine, we have decided to stay put.  So, amazing as it sounds, this will be our first Thanksgiving in New York! We are going to try to […]