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Recipe Sketchbook: Chicken Pot Pie

The inspiration for chicken pot pie came about because I had one extra pie crust that had to be used up.  After all was said and done I actually had to go out and buy more pie crusts.  Such is the typical way these ‘inspirations’ go.  Anyway… Butcher a whole chicken.  Cut up the meat […]

Recipe Lab: Thomas Keller’s French Laundry ‘Prime Beef Short Ribs’

Working through Thomas Keller’s recipes in his French Laundry cook book can be hard work.  Not to mention time consuming.  And I haven’t even gotten to the tough ones yet.  But I know that through it all my cooking only improves.  To follow the directions and then at the very end, after the dish is […]

Refrigerator Status Report – 08 Feb 2010

Accumulation of post-dinner party odds n’ ends. Top shelf:   roasted beet off-cuts, the next days supply of milk for the mini boss, kalamata olives from Garden of Eden on Broadway, leftover ‘winter spiced chocolate soufflés’ the boss made (killer) and old sudachi lime salt. Middle shelf:  the last fried bone marrow from Thomas Keller’s short […]

Recipe Sketchbook: Cassoulet

Obsessing about it for weeks now, I was determined to come up with the best dang recipe for cassoulet.  And then… make it.  In my search I came across a straight-forward cassoulet recipe that had been posted by The Amateur Gourmet which looked very good.  In it he follows a Daniel Boulud cookbook recipe (minus some rendered fat).  From his description and […]

In The Recipe Lab: Thomas Keller’s Duck Confit

All of my cassoulet meditation recently provoked me to the point of tracking down pigs feet and making Fergus Henderson’s Trotter Gear.  Then, with a fridge full of the porcine pedal goo, I figured the only logical thing to do would be to put some of it to use and make the cassoulet that had […]