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Recipe Lab: Amateur Gourmet’s Damon Wise ‘Umami Meatloaf’

Reading the Amateur Gourmet’s very entertaining food blog, I came across his post, ‘The Best Meatloaf I’ve Ever Had’.  In it chef Damon Wise of Tom Colicchio’s Craft Restaurant details the preparation for his ‘Umami Meatloaf’.  The video is fun and the recipe looked very good.  A day or two after that, and of pure coincidence, […]

New York’s 2010 Michelin Guide Release is No Surprise…

…In that it continues to confound.  Year after year. And only one restaurant by an Iron Chef!!!  How can this be???  (joke) The Michelin Guide to 2010 Starred Restaurants was released today.  Who knew that a tire company could know so much about restaurants?  Or do they?  The list raises lots of questions as to its accuracy […]