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Fancy Food Show 2010: ‘Design Thinking’ or ‘Stomach Thinking’?

I took the opportunity recently to speed through the Fancy Food Show, the great confluence (purportedly) of all things gourmet and culinarily high-brow held every summer at New York’s Javits Center.  At first blush the floor of the show looks like a mash-up of Disney‘s Epcot Center, Whole Foods, The Euro-Zone Dairy Farmers Union, an […]

The Pizza Dough Dilemma

What a drag.  My glacial-paced quest for homemade pizza to rival the best in the business has suffered a set back.  As you may know I have been slowly working on trying to find pizza dough nirvana.  The mystical combination of the right dough recipe in concert with the right oven situation and technique.  Made with the […]

In The Recipe Lab: Pizza Dough Challenge! Round 2

The experiment continues… Based on the outcome of the original Pizza Dough Challenge, my findings were less about which type of flour, Italian ’00’ or regular ‘all purpose’, was better and more about how both lacked the doughy pizzeria characteristics that I was looking for.  Although good, the pizzas I produced were not near enough to […]

In The Recipe Lab: Pizza Dough Challenge! ’00’ vs. ‘All Purpose’

There is so much ink spilled about correct pizza technique and so much on-going conversation about it from every angle that it can be difficult to keep all the opinions straight.  Let alone figure out the best method for producing superior pizza at home.  Should you knead or not knead?  How long should you let […]

Beastie Boys ‘Double Check Your Head’ Mash Up

The Beastie Boys were one of the reasons I wanted to move to New York City.  Them, the Talking Heads, Sonic Youth, Andy Warhol and well… lots of other reasons (if people can be ‘reasons’).  But the Beastie Boys are up there.  Actually back in the early months of 2002 I found myself unemployed and […]